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SRS Contractor Achieves One Year, 5 Million Hours Since A Days Away Injury

September 26, 2017

Aiken, S.C. - Savannah River Remediation (SRR), the liquid waste contractor at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River Site (SRS), recently achieved two significant safety accomplishments. The first accomplishment was achieved on August 23, 2017, when SRR was recognized for working one full calendar year without missing a day of work due to injury. The second accomplishment followed soon after, on September 20, 2017, when SRR reached 5 million hours without a lost work day.

SRR President and Project Manager Tom Foster congratulated employees for these achievements and praised them for their dedication to working safely.

“These are significant accomplishments especially when you consider all the high-hazard work that has and continues to take place in our facilities,” Foster said. “The average company in our industry in the U.S. would have had 16 days away injury cases in one year.”

Over the past year, SRR employees have accomplished a great deal of important work that also comes with the risk of injury. Some of the work that has been safely accomplished includes:

In the life of the contract, which began July 1, 2009, SRR has exceeded the 12-month period without missing a day of work due to injury three other times — March 2014, July 2012, and May 2011.

SRR is composed of a team of companies led by AECOM with partners Bechtel National, CH2M, and BWX Technologies. Critical subcontractors for the contract are AREVA, Atkins, and AECOM N&E Technical Services.

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