x Community Involvement

Community Involvement

As long-term citizens of the Central Savannah River Area, our team members have a vested interest in its successful growth and development.

Reaching out and giving back to our community are priorities for Savannah River Remediation. Many of those on the SRR management team are already involved in local community organizations. Others who are new to the area look forward to finding organizations and activities that are aligned with their personal passions and interests. You’ll also find the SRR Team envisions supporting the charitable endeavors endorsed by the Washington Savannah River Company.

Our priorities for corporate investment in the community will concentrate on educational programs, civic/social work, health and welfare outreach, culture and the arts. We believe that this plan of comprehensive community support brings lasting local economic development and enhances our area’s high quality of life.

We are extremely proud to join the great team of employees already working on the SRS Liquid Waste project, and we appreciate the warm welcome we have received from many of you. We are excited about settling in, getting to know you even better, and building on the success of the existing workforce as we move the program forward together.

Point of Contact: Amy Joslin, Director of Public Affairs and Project Communications , 803.208.1956

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