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Two pumps were recently transferred between the Savannah River Site’s two tank farms. Reusing the pumps in a different tank is a cost-effective initiative.

Savannah River Remediation Makes Cost-Effective Pump Transfer Between Waste Tanks

June 29, 2016

Aiken, S.C. - Savannah River Remediation (SRR) recently relocated and reused two operable tank mixing pumps at the Savannah River Site (SRS), an initiative that is saving taxpayer money.

SRR redeployed two existing pumps from F Tank Farm to H Tank Farm, located several miles apart on Site. Brand new mixing pumps can cost more than $1 million each.

The SRS Tank Farms store about 36 million gallons of Cold War era, radioactive liquid waste in 43 underground tanks. SRR is the liquid waste contractor at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) SRS.

Jim Folk, DOE-SR Assistant Manager for Waste Disposition, said this pump transfer is a first of its kind activity for SRS.

“While this redeployment and reuse of waste removal equipment has been considered for years in the liquid waste program,” Folk said. “I commend SRR on finding a way to safely make this process work.”

The highly contaminated pumps mixed waste in Tank 7 in F Tank Farm for years prior to their removal. When the old mixing pumps failed in Tank 22, the decision was made to move the two operational pumps to H Tank Farm.

The transfer of the pumps was one of the highest potential radiological jobs in recent history in the Tank Farms, said Chris Myers, the Field Operations Lead for the project. He added that even though the pump replacement jobs were hazardous, the team completed them safely and smoothly.

“Numerous planning meetings and hazard-eliminating actions were planned and implemented by the team,” Myers said. “The planning and hazard reduction methods used made these jobs successful.”

Tank 22 is the receipt tank for the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) waste stream. The DWPF waste contains highly radioactive sludge, which accumulates in the receipt tank. The new pumps in Tank 22 will be used to remove the recycled sludge from the tank.

Reassembly of the pumps is currently in progress, and the pumps will soon begin operating in their new home.

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