My Job My Mission

My Job My Mission is a series of profiles highlighting employees for their dedication to their job and Savannah River Remediation's mission at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, South Carolina.


As a Senior First Line Manager for the Inspection and Monitoring group, Pat is responsible for the implementation and coordination of video/photography inspection activities for both SRS Tank Farms, the Effluent Treatment Facility, the Saltstone Production Facility, and the Defense Waste Processing Facility.


Currently a Work Control Manager at the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF), the only operating radioactive waste vitrification—or glassification—plant in the nation, Regina has had the opportunity to see the facility go from construction to operation.


Patrick knows the importance of having a job that matches his values and beliefs on both a personal and professional level. That is what makes him a good match for SRR.


Craig has a pretty intriguing job title. He’s the Project Controls Manager for the first mega-volume storage structure being built at the SRS.


As manager of SRR’s Subcontract Management Program, Jerome helps bridge the gap amongst Subcontract Technical Representatives (STR’s), End-Users, Subcontractors, Subcontracted Workers, and Buyers. An essential component of his job involves ensuring workers’ commitment to safety both in and out of the field so that SRR reaches mission milestones.


Currently, Kishan is an SRR process engineer supporting the startup of the Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF). In this role, he verifies that various start-up tests for SWPF are adequate for proper startup of the facility.


A production operator at the SRS for almost 30 years, JD won’t be the one to tell you how important his job really is. The humble SRR employee has been helping to operate the workhorse of the SRS Liquid Waste System since 1996.


Meghan works as a safety professional for SRR's H Tank Farm Closure Projects. She helped with the operational closure of Tank 12, the eighth underground radioactive liquid waste tank closed at the SRS. To operationally close the tanks, workers empty the waste, clean the tank, and fill it with a specially formulated grout.


As a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Valorie supports the Tank Farms and the Effluent Treatment Facility at SRS. There are two tank farms at SRS, consisting of 35 million gallons of Cold War era radioactive waste stored in 43 underground tanks.


A civil construction engineer at Savannah River Remediation, DJ says he was groomed to one day become an engineer, beginning with his father, who was an electrical engineer.


Andrea’s interest in science sparked in grade school. It all started when she became curious about the cleanliness of human mouths versus dogs mouths. This curiosity lead to her most memorable science experiment: Who’s Mouth is Cleaner: a Dog or Human?


Rudy enjoys a good challenge. A maintenance engineering manager for the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF), he says that there are new challenges every day… challenges that he calls fun.


He has been a design engineer in Athens, Georgia, a project controls engineer at the Department of Energy’s Waste Treatment Plant in Richland, Washington, as well as in Richmond, Kentucky, at a chemical plant. Today, Tim applies his experience to his role as area project construction manager at the DWPF.


The foundation of the Liquid Waste mission at SRS is safety. Sharon embodies this foundation every day as she keeps safety first for herself and others. A servant leader to those around her, Sharon inspires coworkers to strive for excellence in safely carrying out the mission.


In Jeffrey’s toolbox aren’t things like wrenches and hammers. For his job at SRR, he uses “tools” like Splunk, Metasploit, and Burp Suite. As funny as they sound, these are security tools integral to protecting the integrity of SRR’s computer systems. Jeffrey’s job is to anticipate vulnerabilities in the systems and to proactively protect against potential cyber attacks.

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