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Frank England
Frank England, employee at Savannah River Remediation, is shown serving as a Judge Advocate General in the U.S. Army.

Savannah River Remediation Employee, U.S. Veteran Building on a Legacy

March 20, 2017

Aiken, S.C. — Frank England knew he wanted to build on a legacy and invest his life serving his country at an early age.

The catalyst for Frank’s service and foundation for his legacy to his country was his father. As a child, Frank would watch his father stand three times when the service medleys played at University of Tennessee football games. His father served in the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Army.

“Each time I watched my father stand, my heart was filled with such pride and admiration for him and for my country,” Frank, an employee at Savannah River Remediation (SRR) said. “I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps, like my grandfather before him.”

From that point on, Frank began building an impressive resume and legacy to call his own. He graduated high school in Nashville, Tennessee, in only three years, excelling in everything he did, from being a top forensic student to debater, chess champion to musician.

After high school, Frank continued expanding his legacy during his collegiate years. He accepted a scholarship to the University of Tennessee at the age of 16 and enjoyed competing in extemporaneous speaking and debate, which earned him national championships.

It was during college that Frank began expanding his horizons to include the military. While earning his degree in Speech and Communications from the University of Tennessee, this Tennessee Volunteer took time off to attend Air Force basic training. While enrolled in law school at the University of Pittsburgh, he served as Administrative Clerk in the Air Refueling Unit responsible for refueling missions over the Atlantic to Rhein-Mein AFB in Germany.

After earning his law degree, he served full-time in the military, accepting a direct appointment from Staff Sergeant in the Air Force to Captain in the Army. While on active duty in the Army, he was promoted to Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and then Colonel.

Frank England
Frank England (center), employee at Savannah River Remediation, is shown with his college debate team.

As Frank enjoyed his prestigious career in the Air Force and Army, he never tired of his passion for learning. For example, he graduated with honors from the Judge Advocate General’s course at the University of Virginia. His service as a Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps officer included two tours at the Pentagon and assignments at Army posts throughout the United States and overseas. He performed duties in the full spectrum of law, including prosecuting court-martial cases and serving as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, prosecuting civilian cases in Federal Court. He also served in senior leadership roles, such as the Staff Judge Advocate of the 7th Infantry Division.

Even though Frank is decorated with many military honors, he said one of his highest honors was when he was a JAG in Washington and presided over funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

“After the soldiers folded the American flag at the ceremony, I had the honor of presenting the flag to the relative of the deceased who selflessly served our country,” he said.

Frank began to see his career merge and come full circle as he moved from the military into a civilian career 13 years ago when he joined the Savannah River Site to work in the Office of the General Counsel as Compliance Manager.

Frank England
Frank England, employee at Savannah River Remediation, is shown today as Compliance Manager in the Office of General Counsel.

“While in Strategic Air Command in the Air Force, and as a Judge Advocate to a Pershing Missile command, I dealt with the weaponry that the Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Energy were working with,” said Frank. “Now in my role at SRR, I am helping to clean up the residue it took to create the tools necessary to serve our military and country.”

Frank said he served in the military 30 years, one month, and 22 days, and then smiles as he asks, “But, who’s counting?”

Frank and his father still enjoy Tennessee football games. As his father watches from home, Frank carries on the family legacy, standing when two of the three service medleys are played.

SRR is the liquid waste contractor at the Savannah River Site for the U.S. Department of Energy. SRR is composed of a team of companies led by AECOM with partners Bechtel National, CH2M, and BWX Technologies. Critical subcontractors for the contract are AREVA, Atkins, and AECOM Technical Services.

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